Financial Aid

Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy’s financial aid fund is generously provided by the Catholic Schools Foundation.  Since we dispense Catholic Schools Foundation funds, we are required to follow their guidelines for the distribution of aid.

Our financial aid process for the upcoming school year is changing.  We are required by Catholic Schools Foundation to allocate all of our financial aid by May.  For new families enrolling after April there will be some emergency funding available and will be allocated during the month of September.

What this means for current families?
Any current family that does not submit the online application by March 15 and upload or fax the 2015 federal tax return and/or non-taxable income documentation by April 15 to Grant & Aid will not receive financial aid.  It is very important that all families register and pay the registration fee at the campus by April 15 or the financial aid will not be allocated. 

  • Do not wait to file for 2015 federal taxes, just bring your 2015 W-2's to your financial aid appointment
  • If you have not yet completed the re-registration form or have not decided whether or not to return for the 2016-2017 school year, do not miss out on the opportunity to apply for aid
  • If you do not apply by the March 15 deadline, your family will not be eligible for financial aid for the 2016-2017 school year

What this means for new families to the Academy?
New families should submit the financial aid application online after they have been accepted in the Academy and have submitted the registration fee to the campus.  If an application is received but the student is not registered with the campus, the application will not be considered for financial aid.

As in years past, the requirements for the financial aid application are as follows:

  1. The financial aid applicant must claim the student on their personal tax return and students must be in grades K2 to 8 to be eligible.  We need all families to submit the Grant and Aid application for the students that will attend the Academy, even Pre-K and K1 students that will attend the Academy.  This will help SJPIICA, when we apply for grants for education programs, technology, services etc.
  2. The federal tax return for 2015 and W2's must be submitted and/or proof of nontaxable income if not working. These documents can be uploaded from your computer or faxed to 866-315-9264 (FACTS Grant & Aid).
  3. Payments must be made through the FACTS Payment Plan or financial aid will not be allocated.

Financial Aid Open Houses

Financial Aid Open Houses will take place at the Regional Office, 2200 Dorchester Ave, located next to the Lower Mills Campus from 9AM - 2PM unless otherwise noted. Please contact the Business Office for an appointment at 617-265-0019, exts. 7005, 7004, or 7001 or Dates for Financial Aid Open Houses are:

  • Tuesday, February 16
  • Thursday, February 18

Please fill out the financial aid worksheet before coming to the appointment and bring your username and password if you have submitted an application in years past.


Apply online NOW for financial aid!