April 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Everything we have heard and seen about our winter here in New England is true. A few weeks ago we broke the total seasonal snow fall record in our Boston area with over 108 inches! The pattern in the past two months has been snowstorm and cold snap and again more. But the mountains of snow and ice are finally melting. Winter is almost gone and spring is here. Lent, which we have just finished, means springtime and we give thanks for the warm light (meteorologically and spiritually) of Easter.
The time of renewal, re-creation, and resurrection is with us and for this we give thanks:

  • Renewal and renovation of the Lower Mills campus
  • Renewal and reconstruction of the Columbia campus after the February flood
  • Renewal and deepening of our goal to be the best that we can be as parents, teachers, students and administration/staff
  • Re-creation of a technology plan for the Academy for the next 3-5 years
  • Re-creation of a more vibrant sports program
  • Re-creation of our strong music and arts programs
  • Re-creation of new school sites for students at Lower Mills and Columbia
  • Re-creation and revision of our academic excellence plan.

We renew and give thanks:

  • For the gift of life and good health
  • For the many blessings and graces given to us each day
  • For the generosity of our teachers helping teachers at Columbia campus who lost all their teaching materials in the flood
  • For the graciousness, resiliency and positive attitude of 36 teachers/aides, and 611 students having to relocate classrooms this year
  • For the Resurrection of Jesus and the joys of Easter

Did you know?

Easter is a verb. Gerard Manley Hopkins coined the phrase in a poem he wrote.

“Let him easter in us.” It’s a glorious feast, the mystery of God’s unfathomable redemptive love for us, but also something we think and do. It is an attitude. Let him easter in us that we may live our lives in the light of his compassion, peace and justice. Let him easter in us that we may be as he was – a healer, a teacher, a footwasher, and cross bearer for others. Let him easter in us that we may at the end of our earthly journey easter in him forever.”

May the blessings of this season “easter in each of us.”


Sister Ellen Powers, CSJ
Regional Director