June 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The last weeks of school are upon us and another school year is about to end. I hope you have been pleased with your child’s progress. It has been a very good year in so many ways even with relocated classroom spaces due to renovations. It has been a time filled with an increase in knowledge, developing maturity both physically and emotionally, and ever deepening spirituality and relationship with God.

Each year is an exciting new experience for your child. Soon the door of this school year will close. With you I give thanks for the many gifts of grace received. Please take the time to talk about the blessing of this academic year. Use the experiences of the year to promote on-going growth. Encourage your child to use summer time to continue to improve skills particularly in reading and math. Young minds should not go dormant during July and August!

School will close officially on June 19th. Fine Arts camp begins June 22nd and the summer program runs July 6th through August 28th (see note in this newsletter). Summer school for students who failed math or ELA and students who need additional assistance will begin on July 6th.

Father Joy has been assigned to the Pastoral Center in Braintree. We thank Father for all he has done for Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Pastor at St. Angela’s Church. We wish him well in his new position; we will miss him very much.
May this summer be a happy and safe time for your family.

God Bless,

Sister Ellen Powers, CSJ
Regional Director