April 2014

Dear Parent, Guardians, and Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy Community,

Winter is almost over; the end is finally in sight! For this we are all very grateful! We rejoice that spring is just around the corner.

Report cards were distributed recently; student progress has been noted and praised. Parents and teachers continue to encourage our young people to be the “best they can be.” This is the goal of each one of us as we travel through life.

Lent is always a good time to look at our lives and to evaluate our progress. Being a parent or a teacher is an extraordinary trust: to accompany a child on his or her journey to adulthood requires total sacrifice and patience. To raise and teach a child is an experience of incredible joy and sometimes heartbreak, but most parents and teachers say there is nothing more fulfilling than being a Mom, Dad, or Teacher. These vocations play a special role in creating a nurturing, affirming environment for children to learn and to grow. Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy provides a wonderful opportunity for this growth to take place. Our new model for urban Catholic education is the cornerstone of the future for our children ages 2.9 through 8th grade and is on the cutting edge of Catholic education attracting the attention of other cities in the United States! ¬†Spread this good news to those around you; our Academy is one of the best kept secrets. Let’s change that and tell people at work, at church and in your neighborhood about this very special place. It is in the PJP family that our children are grasped by the hand of God as God has grasped ours during the years of our lives. Parents and teachers continue to dream dreams with and for the children. Please remember that the most important dream we can dream for them, the most important gift we can give them is this: faith in the God who made them, faith in the God who loves them, faith in the God who will be with them on their road to eternity.

As we approach the anniversary of the Marathon bombing, let us pray for the victims of the disaster. May they rest in peace.  Let us remember also those who suffered physical injuries, may their healing continue to happen. For family, friends, and all who assisted in the rescue, we give thanks.
May the blessings of this Lenten season continue to be with you and your family.

God Bless,

Sister Ellen Powers, CSJ