October 2014

“For everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich”….Matthew 25:14.

This gospel message is meant for each member of the Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy, parents,
guardians, teachers, aides and staff. A famous person once said that “everyone on this planet is
called to greatness”.  Actually we cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around us.  What we do makes a difference, and most importantly, we have to decide what kind of a difference we want to make. God has given every one of us some talent or skill or resource; it may be to sit and listen to a hurting child - or the skill to write a story or poem; it may be to speak more than one language – or  have the patience to teach a 5 year old the Lord’s Prayer; it may be to read and to comprehend what is read - or  to get to work or school on time every day; it may be to console the sorrowful- or to cook a nutritious meal for a hungry person.

It is faith that enables us to discover our unique talent; it is love that compels us to use it to make an
impact on others.  God has entrusted each of us with some gift or ability. What are your gifts and talents? How do you share them with others in your family, friends and co-workers? How can you share your talents at your son’s or daughter’s campus? You are needed! Ask your principal how you can help.  Our best gift to God is to return those gifts to God by giving them in service to others especially the children.  Be the light for others, let Christ’s light shine through us to those around us.

God Bless,

Sister Ellen Powers, CSJ
Regional Director