June 2014

The last few weeks of school are upon us; another school year is about to be completed.  I hope you have been pleased with your child’s progress.  It has been a very good year in so many ways: one filled with an increase in knowledge, developing maturity both physically and emotionally, and ever deepening spirituality and growth in wisdom.  With you I give thanks for these and many other gifts of grace given to your child.  Take time to talk about these blessings.  Use experiences of the 2013-2014 school year to promote on-going growth.  Encourage your daughter or son to use summer time to continue to improve skills particularly in reading and math.  Young minds should not go dormant during July and August.

We have some exciting news to share.   The Lower Mills renovation will begin this summer!  We are most grateful to the volunteer leaders and the staff of Campaign for Catholic Schools for their hard work in raising the funds to make this project possible.

May summer be a happy and enjoyable time for your family.  As you travel through the summer, I encourage you to use your own special “GPS” (not the driving map) rather God’s Perfect Signals to help you grow in holiness and to keep you safe.

God Bless,

Sister Ellen, CSJ
Regional Director